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What is Virtual Care

Elderly 70s man seated on sofa make distant video call, senior patient look at laptop scre
About Virtual Care

Virtual care is "Any interaction between patients and/or

members of their circle of care, occurring remotely, using

any form of communication or information technology,

with the aim of facilitating or maximizing the quality of patient care."


The Patient at the Centre of Care 

Optimal virtual care demands a focus on patient-centric

team-based care. The patients’circle of care should define the virtual care team, not any given professional group or health service. To effectively share health information between family, caregivers and multiple health providers under differing payment plans, policies, regulatory standards, locations and legislation will require a deep level of policy, technical and workflow alignment.



Quality Health Programs and Services

The core purpose and one of the ultimate accountabilities of health care is the provision of quality health programs and services. This is a foundational accountability that must frame the design and use of all health resources, and the common commitment of all health sector stakeholders. 

The National Academy of Medicine’s (formerly Institute of Medicine) definition of quality is employed for the purposes of AVCCB work.  This framework articulates six distinct domains of quality:

•    Safe health programs and services
•    Efficient health programs and services
•    Effective health programs and services
•    Equitable health programs and services
•    Timely health programs and services
•    Person-centred health programs and services

It follows that the design and use of digital health tools and systems should promote the delivery of the above domains of quality health programs and services.


The April 2023 episode of CIHI’s Canadian Health Information Podcast features an in-depth conversation about virtual care in Canada.


Podcast: Dr. Ewan Affleck — Virtual Care in Canada

The Expansion of Virtual Care in Canada Report 2023 – CIHI 

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